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Devise and create functional spaces realized with taste

We listen and interpret the customer’s requests to create the most modern and functional architectural and design choices.


Services to free the customer from any task or concern, AVIA PERVIA guarantees the support of specialized technicians who will not only examine every aspect of design, architecture and security, but hurry, every bureaucratic procedures.


Metric and instrumental readings
Architectural and executive planning
Structural planning
Plant engineering
Energy efficiency improvement
Bill of quantities of the works
Fire safety planning
Special systems

Interior and outdoor design

3D rendering
Indoor and outdoor visualisation studies
Interior decoration

Project Management

Operational site management
Supervision of the execution of the works
Technical auditing
Accounting and administrative auditing

Safety services

Project and executive coordination
Emergency planning and management
Risk Assessment Document
Emergency Plan
Technical File
Prevention and Protection Service Management
Training courses

Other services

Technical Surveys with Estimate
Land Registry procedures
Bills of Quantities
Millesimal tables
Energy Certification
Site Accounting
Party-appointed expert
Real estate consultancy


All of the services are carried out
by highly qualified 
staff in possession
of the necessary licenses to perform them.

Total Accessibility

AVIA PERVIA’s ethical approach is its distinguishing element, which is expressed through the  design and construction of spaces offering total accessibility.
Improving accessibility to municipal public and private facilities to individuals with disabilities is becoming increasingly more strategic, in a society such as ours characterised by an increasingly older population. Thanks to qualified staff that works alongside us in the planning process, your spaces will be fully accessible to users with disabilities, through improvements in easier access, safety and comfort.