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About us

AVIA PERVIA is an integrated design firm that deals with engineering, town planning, architecture, interior and outdoor design.

AVIA PERVIA provides planning, technical consulting, feasibility studies and project management services, for public and private customers, with special focus on the theme of social accessibility. A firm of professionals that offers the possibility of developing any project guaranteeing high quality standards, within the established time-frames and costs.

Our sectors


Residential design


Shopping malls and outlets design

Industrial and production

Warehouses and productive realities design

Medical facilities

Medical clinics and dental surgeries design


AVIA PERVIA «may difficult paths be easy to walk», is represented in the Modena city banner.
The scholar Giovanni Maria Barbieri came up with this aphorism in 1561, and it became the city’s symbol.
The will to excel is the drive behind the team of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors who work every day to create each project.

Our Plus


Thanks to team work and the complementary fields
of the professionals 
who work with us,
we do everything from plant engineering
to town planning, 
from structural to architectural plans.


A single reference person from the team is
selected to supervise each project so that
every stage is carried out according
to the Customer requirements.

The Team

AVIA PERVIA is composed of a team of professionals who cover, each with his/her specific skills, every planning requirement. A decade of experience in construction, architectural, structural and plant engineering planning and work safety is the basis of the team’s expertise. The team of experts works to guarantee the successful outcome of custom solutions, while saving time and streamlining costs.

Davide Castellazzi


Registered with the Professional Association of Surveyors of Modena since 16/04/2007

Safety coordination/Prevention and Protection Service Manager
Fire safety planning
Earthquake structural planning/Energy efficiency improvement




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Giulia Rastelli


Registered with the Professional Association of Engineers of Modena since 14/03/2016

section A – Civil-Environmental sector with No. 3420.
Single cycle master’s degree in Construction Engineering-Architecture, Bologna

Daniele Castellazzi


Enrico Caselli


Registered with the Professional Association of Architects of Modena,
section A – Architecture sector with No. 1158